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What to bring and what not to bring to Hangzhou Dianzi University


For Freshman

What to bring and what not to bring to Hangzhou Dianzi University

Are you still moving around your room and thinking which things to bring and which not to bring before you departure to Hangzhou Dianzi University?

Life in Chinese universities may differ from that in your country.Take this “what to and what not to bring” list with you and then go on your preparation. Try this list,you may enjoy a time-saving and less trouble packing preparation.

Principle 1: Don’t try to plan for the whole semester.

Remember, things wouldn’t go that smoothly as you may have planned, make sure you have prepared the things you may need in the first month and that is careful enough.

Principle 2: Everything you packs, first ask yourself why you may take it.

Try to use a reasonable explain to convince yourself. Never bring "just in case" things

Principle 3: Stop the thought “things I want may never appear in China”

China enjoys a large scale of import and export, every semester; all supermarkets in campus will equip them with sufficient and all kinds of necessities meeting all demands of students from all over the world. For some particular needs, you may search on online shopping websites; goods will reach you within 3-4days.

What to Buy in Hangzhou Dianzi University or bring by you yourself:

(All the following things can be purchased in different stores in Hangzhou Dianzi University)

Sheets and Quilt/Comforter

Mattress Cover

Extension Cord

Computer and related accessories

Flashlight with extra batteries

“Husband” pillow




Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Soap, and other Toiletries

A cup or mug, plate, bowl, fork, knife, and spoon

Sewing kit

Small items for clean-up

Laptop lock


Power strip with surge protection

Highlighters, Pens, Pencils, Paper, Notebooks, Loose Notebook Paper, Binders, Post-It Notes, Paper Clips, Scissors, Tape, Stapler, Binder Clips

“What not to bring to Hangzhou Dianzi University” list

In Hangzhou Dianzi University domestic and International students are not allowed to bring any of the following things to campus

Fridge and microwave

Hot plate


Expensive equipment

Electric blanket

Speakers those are larger than 12 inches by 20 inches

Other food preparation appliances

Rice cookers

Space heaters

Hot pots



Coffee makers (K-Cup Machines or other single cup machines included)

Dangerous substances


Mace and pepper spray



Halogen lamps

Fake IDs

Bongs, water pipes, hookah, shisha pipes, hubble-bubbles, or any object filled with water through which tobacco smoke, aromatic smoke or smoke from other substances many be drawn

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