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Accomodation information

Deposit: Free

The univeristy provides 20 dormitories nearby the campus for international students.  Each room is about 22 square meters, equipped with IC card telephone, refrigerator, air-conditioner, water heater, drinking water machine,  furniture, bedding, internet access and washing machine for public use. 3 or 4 bedrooms are in a seperate suite, which has a sitting room and bathroom for public use.

There is a duty room on the first floor of the dormitory building, provides extra key service, IC phone card selling and other necessary assisstance.

The dormitory building closes at 23:00 from Sunday to Friday.
Students living in school dormitories should observe Regulations on International Students Dormitory Management. Anyone who violates the regulations shall be penalized accordingly.


Only single room provided:

RMB900/month, water, electricity and internet bills are excluded.

Room Deposit: RMB400, which shall be paid upon checking in and will be refunded if all of the equipment is in good condition when the student checks out.

The international student dormitory is a complex with 3-4 single rooms in one suite. There is a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelf and air conditioner in each room, and shared refrigerator, couch, water heater, shower and washing machine in the public area of the suite.

Beddings: RMB340. Students can buy bedding materials at the dormitory manager’s office if needed.

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