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Local Restaurant around Wenyi Campus

The following restaurants are all located within a 20 minute walk of Wehnyi Campus.

Greedy Cat Restaurant (小馋猫鲜味馆)

ADDRESS:97 North Baochu Road (保俶北路97号)

Phone Number: 0571-8880249

A favorite of past HDU teachers, the Greedy Cat Restaurant is located just outside the West Gate of Wenyi Campus, less than a 10-minute walk away from the foreign teacher apartments. Simply turn left after exiting the gate, and you’ll see the Greedy Cat sign. The restaurant offers a fairly standard selection of Chinese dishes, but they do it well. Another plus; the dishes are quite inexpensive. Try the Sweet and Sour Pork (táng cù lǐjí). Dishes change depending on what crops are in season.

Hunan Hometown Taste (家乡滋味)

ADDRESS:193 Jiaogong Road (教工路193号)

Phone Number: 15005815510

Referred to by teachers in past years simply as the Comrade restaurant (due to the propaganda posters on the walls), Hometown Taste specializes in dishes from Hunan province. Regional dishes of Hunan Province, referred to as the land of Rice and Fishes, make use of simmering, steaming, stewing and frying. Not recommended if you don’t like spicy food. The Japanese tofu (rìběn dòufu) is also good here.

Xin Tian Yuan (鑫天源)

ADDRESS:#25-#26 Shun Yi South Commerce Street (信义南坊商业街25#-26#)

Phone Number: 0571-88269706

Xin Tian Yuan specializes in North Eastern Chinese dishes (dōngběi cài). Dōngběi cài consists of a wide variety of meat dishes (lamb, mutton, beef) served in rich, oily sauces. Most dishes also come seasoned with garlic and spring onions. Pancakes and dumplings also feature heavily. All of this salty, greasy food goes great with a few beers. Finding Xin Tian Yuan can be a bit tricky, but the search is well worth it. From the West Gate of Wenyi Campus, take a left down Baochu lu and continue down Xixihexia lu until it ends. Cross over Moganshan lu, and continue straight down Shun Yi South Commerce Street. Xin Tian Yuan is towards the end of this street. When the weather’s nice, grab a seat outside.

Korean Fast Food

ADDRESS:181 Wener Road (文二路181号,教工路口)

Phone Number: 0571-88835898

A great place if you’re looking for something slightly different after having Chinese food one-too many times. This restaurant offers a good variety of Korean-style dishes, and makes a great place for a quick lunch or dinner. The dishes here are individual and not communal. Expect to pay a bit more here than at a Chinese restaurant.

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