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Groceries around the campus

Vanguard (华润超市,云河店)

ADDRESS:73 Wenyi Road  (文一路73号)

9:30am - 10pm

Vanguard is the closest Western-style supermarket to Wenyi campus. From the West Gate, turn left towards Wenyi Road. At Wenyi Road, take a right. Vanguard is about a 15 minute down the road. Most of the food products at Vanguard are Chinese, but there is a small variety of Western products like bread and cheese. If you have a picky pallet though, better look elsewhere for Western groceries. Taste preferences aside, Vanguard is a good place to stock up on pretty much everything else you might need (electronics, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies).

Metro (麦德龙,艮山店)

355 East Genshan Road (艮山东路355号)

9:30am - 10pm

Metro has just about everything, from electronics to imported wines. For hard to find Western groceries, Metro’s the place to go. In order to shop at Metro, you need to register for a membership card (but this is a fairly painless procedure, and there will be someone there that speaks English to help you). Most teachers end up paying more than they expect on their first visit, so keep in mind that they only accept cash payment. It’s a bit a trek into Hangzhou’s eastside to get there. You can take bus B1, but hauling all your stuff back home can be a bit tricky. It’s best to take a cab on the way back.

Century Mart, Fengqi Branch (世纪联华凤起店)

521 Fengqi Rd. (凤起路521号)

Century mart, like Metro, has a good selection of foreign groceries and other products located on the top floor. A good place to go if you’re craving something like Western breakfast cereal or granola bars and don’t feel like going all the way out to East Hangzhou.

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