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International Students Graduated


On May 27, Tollef and Knut, students from Norway passed their thesis defense. 
        Their research subjects are on Market Entry Strategy for Norwegian Seafood Companies to the Chinese Consumer Market, and Developing an Entry Strategy for a New Product: “Offshore Container Tanks” to Norway. These two subjects are closely related with their internship job in the last year of their bachelor’s study.


 “To come to China is the best decision that I’ve ever made”, said Tollef. 

        “We know very little about China, and now we have learned so much!” added Knut, “The professors are very knowledgeable, they are very open-minded and always willing to help. When we don’t know how to do the homework, we called them and they explained to us through the phone. ” 
        “This program is tailored for international students, we think it’s very good, in particular, it requires internship in the final year. We have learned a lot from the internship.” 

        “The Chinese students made a huge contribution to our living here. When we came here at the beginning, they helped us to the cafeteria, to the bank, to look for apartment, and almost everything!”

         The two students have obtained their job before taking the thesis defense. One will work at Huawei (Norway) as a salesman, and the other one will work at HitecVision as a consultant.

   Business Management is the first English instructed bachelor's program offered by School of Management, HDU. Currently, students from Norway, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Armenia, Namibia, and Bangladesh are studying this program at HDU.



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