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Mid-Term Meeting Held


In the afternoon of April 29th, the International Institute of Education held the meeting on mid-term teaching inspection and foreign students meeting. The teaching faculty, all the undergraduates’ students, graduates students as well as Chinese-language students attended the meeting.

At the conference, the academic officials heard the feedback from students and faculty on different courses. Then the teachers informed the midterm grade and made the comments on it. What’s more, the teachers commended the good students upon their diligent spirit in study.

 The academic officials noticed the disciplinary problems of foreign students since the beginning of this semester and reiterated the class attendance discipline. It is strictly prohibited students to go to the bar and the places like that. The institute strengthened the students of traffic safety and warned the prohibition of riding the electric with someone on the back, speeding, and stopping disorderly; exposing the sanitary condition of the dormitory and public kitchen, establishing the system of duty on public kitchen.

At the end of the conference, the academic officials took this opportunity to invite three professors from Faculty of Management and School of Economics, recommending two majors, namely “Business Administration” and “International Economics”, to international students during which professional and vivid introductions attracted international students a lot. The academic officials hope that every international student could be a messenger of HDU to introduce HUD to foreigners for opening up new sources of international students.


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