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St. Paul’s Girls’ School Visits Us



From October 21st to October 29th, St. Paul’s Girls’ School’s delegation consisting of 9 students and 1 teacher participated in the short-term Chinese training program organized by Hangzhou Dianzi University.

On the program opening ceremony, the School of International Education, as the representative of HDU, welcomed the guests from UK, introduced the history, school features of HDU and majors & Chinese learning program designed for international students. The leading teacher of the St Paul's Girls' School, Ms. ZENG, reviewed the pre-work process of this project and extended sincere appreciation to HDU’s reception. After the ceremony, they visited the gymnasium, library, dining room, teaching buildings and other facilities with the companion of teachers from the School of International Education and voluntary language partners.

St. Paul's Girl’s School, established in 1904 in London, is one of the high schools in UK with such a long history and a prestigious reputation. And as the second language, Chinese has attracted the increasing attention from students of St. Paul's Girl’s School. This year, these students took the senior classes with other HDU international students, and attended lectures about Chinese & Western cultures. Besides, teachers and students from the School of Foreign Languages accompanied them to visit HDU students’ dormitory. In order to comprehensively display the local culture of Hangzhou, a series of activities were organized by the School of International Education, such as visiting the West Lake and Leifeng Pagoda, savoring theatrical performance, such as Impressions of the West Lake and The Romance of Sung Dynasty. With this program, and through varieties of activities, students from St. Paul’s Girls’ School improved their Chinese language skills and enhanced their understanding of Chinese culture.

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