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About City-Hangzhou

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, lies in the southeast costal of China. It is located in the north part lower Qian Tang River and 151 kilometers from Shanghai. Hangzhou is on the Southern wing of Yangtze Delta which is one of the six city-circles in the world.


Hangzhou is a famous scenic-tourist city as well as a historic and cultural city in China. With a history of more than 2,000 years, Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient capitals in China. The Wu Yue Country and the Southern Song Dynasty had once established the capital here.

Area and Population

Hangzhou covers an area of 16,596 square kilometers with a population of 6,516,800 by the end of 2005.


Hangzhou enjoys subtropical monsoonal climate with its four distinctive seasons. The yearly average temperature is about 16.2 ℃ and its rainfall is about 1,500 mm. The lowest temperature is in January about -8.6℃, and the highest temperature is in July about 39.9℃. The most favorable climate is in spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September to November), neither too cold nor too hot, which turns to be the best time for tourism.

Tourism Resources

With its unique natural environment and historical culture background, Hangzhou is a city famous for its natural landscape and cultural heritage. There are two State Level Scenic spots, one is the West Lake, the other is the Fu Chun River-Xin An River-Thousand-island Lake. There are also 14 cultural relic sites under state-level protection by the Central Government and 3 national museums in this city. The Grand Canal, the longest man-made canal in the world, starts from south of Hangzhou. Marco Polo, the Italian traveler in 13th century, once pronounced Hangzhou “the finest, most splendid city in the world.”


Hangzhou is an important and central city in the Yangtze River Delta and is known as a traffic hub in southeast China. It is also a neighbor city of Shanghai with the distance of only 176.7km. It takes roughly 50 minutes to travel from Hangzhou to Shanghai by CRH (China railway high), which conveniently operates 47 times within a single day.

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