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1.      Classroom Discipline
  1. All international students should abide by the HDU classroom regulations. Students should attend class on time. Students are not allowed to be late, leave early or be absent. Ask for leave if you have to leave campus.
  2. If you are late for class within 10 minutes, you will be recorded as a latecomer;Three times of being late is regarded as one absence. If late for more than 15 minutes, it will be recorded as absence.
  3. Students must listen carefully in class and finish schoolwork, experiment reports and each assigned by teachers on time.
  4. Students are not allowed to answer telephone, or chat topics irrelevant to teaching materials and not allowed to leave classroom without teachers’ permission.
  5. Students are not allowed to smoke, make noises to disturb others in the teaching building and classroom.

2.      Leave permit

  1. All international students are not allowed to travel during normal studying days.
  2. During weekends, holidays including summer and winter vacations, students who will leave Hangzhou and have a travel to other places must report to the School of International Education (SIE) and fill in a destination form.  (Joy is responsible for this)
  3. If you have to ask for leave for whatever reasons, please do according to the following procedures:
  4. Within 1 day, ask the course teacher for permission. After getting permission, report to the office of SIE. (Erin is responsible for this)
  5. More than 2 days, fill in the application form, attach proof of hospital, and get approval signature from SIE. (Anne is responsible for this)
  6. Generally you cannot ask for leave for more than 2 weeks within one term (including weekends).

  7. Those who leave campus without asking for leave will be treated as absence.

3.      Rules in exams

  1. All international students should take part in exams. But those who have been registered for being absent for 50 hours are not allowed to take exams.
  2. Those who cannot take final exams for some special reasons must fill in the written application form one week before the exam. After getting permission from the course teacher and SIE, students can attend the makeup exam. Otherwise the exam result of this course will be registered as "0".
  3. If Late for the exam for over 10 minutes, students’ test qualification of this course will be canceled and the exam result of this course is registered as "0".
  4. All international students are not allowed to cheat in exams. Those who cheat in exams will be registered as "0" in the course result.

4.      Rewards and Penalties

  1. The classroom performances of international students will be directly related to scholarship.
  2. The serious violators will be treated equally as any other Chinese students and punished in accordance with the relevant regulations of Hangzhou Dianzi University for Chinese students.
  3. Exchange students’ performances on campus will be reported to their home universities periodically.
  4. All international students’ weekly attendance record will be put on the exhibition window. (Erin is responsible for this)

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