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Registration Guidance

I. Application

Applicants of self-supporting program may directly get in touch with the School of International Education (SIE). If you are admitted, you will receive an Admission Notice and a JW202 Form to apply for an X visa.

II. Registration

  • If you are admitted by the HDU, you need to register within the scheduled time period and the procedures are as follows:

  • Self-supporting Student

  • If you are a self-supporting student and plan to live on campus, you may, with the Admission Notice and the JW202 Form, go to the Housing Service Center to pay your rent. Those living off-campus are required to show the official proof of lodging (housing certificate) either by the authority of the hotel/guest house you live in or by the local police station if you live in a private-owned house/ apartment.

  • After proceeding with your housing application, you may register at the Administration Office with your passport, Admission Notice, JW202 Form. You need to fill in a registration form and will receive the Enrollment Information and An International Students Handbook. And please remember to prepare 10 passport-sized photos.

  • Self-supporting students, after getting the paying vouchers for tuition, please go to the finance office (On the first floor, Office Building) to pay the tuition.

  • After finish paying, you will go back to the International Student’s Administration Office to be registered with the invoice.

  • You need to hand in the International Student Registration Form and six photos to your advisor, and register your address and telephone there.

  • With the Registration Notice, you can go to register at your college.

  • You need to have psychical check-up in Zhejiang International Travel Health Center (228, Zhonghe Road, Tel: +86-571- 87852410 ).

  • You are required to take part in the orientation meeting.

  • When all the steps are finished, you will be issued a student card.

III. Keep-on-study Students
Before a new semester, international students who have studied for over one semester are required to finish the registration procedures at your college’s International Student’s Administration Office. You need to take with you the following items: Your passport, housing certificate, medical insurance (full-scholarship students excluded) and student ID card. Then report to your college or department with the Registration Notice.

All international students (including new students and keep-on-study students who have come back after suspension of schooling) are supposed to register at and report to the International  college within the first month of the semester. If you can’t register on time, you need to explain your situation to the International college in advance, otherwise you will be considered to forfeit your student status on your own and the tuition is not refundable.

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